Racoon Rescue, coming winter 2022

This year I had the absolute pleasure of illustrating a wonderful picture book for an truly incredible person. Jessica Thedinga, aka ACO Jess, wrote sweet little book about saving raccoons and everyone should get a copy!

Jess is an animal control officer who amassed a TicTok following during the lockdown. She was continually surprised by some of the comments she was receiving about what animal control actually is. Animal control officers want to see all animals safe and treated well, whether they are pets or wildlife living near us.

ACO Jess & Friends: Raccoon Rescue follows ACO Jess as she spends a day rescuing raccoons and educating people about them. The book is available for preorder right now and will ship this winter. More info will be coming soon. Please check out acojessandfriends.com to preorder your copy! While you are there download the free coloring pages I created!!

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